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FirstClass Foods Inc Products

September 27th, 2012

FirstClass Foods Inc a full line of quality meat products for the Food Service. We offer Custom Processing, packaging and shipping to your specification with the most stringent requirements and controls. If Quality is what you are looking for, FirstClass  is the company to know.


FirstClass Foods only carries the finest in Beef products, USDA inspected and approved. We produce a wide range of premium cuts covering all quality grades to meet any customer needs.


FirstClass Foods supplies a vast variety of Quality Veal products from the Midwest.


FirstClass Foods carries a full line of Lamb products, from full muscles to portion control Lamb. Domestic, Australian and New Zealand Lamb gives FirstClass an edge for consumer preference and price level. We pride ourselves of supplying the best quality Lamb available.


FirstClass Foods provides the highest quality Pork products. We guarantee the freshest, leanest, best-tasting pork available.


FirstClass Foods offers a large variety of Poultry products, providing only the freshest and highest quality poultry.


FirstClass Foods delivers a widespread selection of superior seafood and shellfish to our customers. We take pride in providing you high quality seafood guaranteed to be safe.


FirstClass Foods supply a large variety of Game products available in the US. From Imported to Domestic Buffalo, Venison, Elk, Wild Boar, Rabbit, Ostrich, Suckling Pigs, Pheasant, Quails, and many more…

Prepared Meat

The finest line of quality processed meats, Cured and Smoked Products. Corned Beef, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Natural Cured Beef, Cured Kobe Beef, Kurobuta Ham, Prime Rib Seasoned, Bacon, Sausage, Franks and many more specialty and unique prepared meats.


Organic Meats, Halal Meats, Wagyu Beef Australian and Domestic, Grass Fed Beef and Veal, Natural Products, Vegetarian Products, Japanese, Korean and Pilipino Products.